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Musician Tytan, who became a father for the first time this week, has sensationally claimed that he has had an epiphany, that being a woman is a super power, following his first hand experience of watching a woman in labour, after watching his wife Olinda delivering their daughter.

The ecstatic father took to social media to express his gratitude towards his wife, Olinda Chapel, for giving him what he described as ”the best gift any man can ever have.”

” Being a woman is a superpower & I recorded everything. I’ve never appreciated women as much as I did when my wife gave birth to my beautiful daughter Nandi. I watched her in labour and the doctors operate on her like it was live television until Nandi introduced herself in person. I now know her both inside and outside (pun intended ). Thank you @olinda_chapel my superwoman for giving me the best gift any man can ever have, I love you deeply ,” said Tytan in his caption.