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CHIREDZI – Lack of bylaws governing stray animals in the town has seen council failing to effectively control a sharp increase in the number roaming donkeys that are now causing serious problems to the smooth flow of traffic.Last week, unattended donkeys with Hippo Valley tags gave motorists at torrid time at the junction along Msasa and Inyati roads.

Chiredzi Veterinary Officer, Dr Kudakwashe Makwangudze lamented the presence of unattended animals on the roads, saying council should formulate requisite bylaws and enforce them.”I understand that in big cities like Harare and Bulawayo, bylaws are enacted to deal with stray livestock and they even have farms to keep them.”These are the same animals which will be auctioned if owners fail to report within a specific period.Our town council is yet to draft bylaws to deal with the movement of animals and donkeys are still enjoying their free stay in town,” said Makwangudze.

Chiredzi Town Council chairperson, Gibson Hwende admitted council did not have any bylaw to deal with the menace.”We don’t have any bylaw concerning the movement of stray animals in town. 

 We are experiencing huge problems with these donkeys and we are working towards enacting by-laws to deal with all stray animals,” said Hwende.